Airgas acquires
Isometric Instruments

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Isometric Instruments is now part of Airgas, an Air Liquide company. Now you can find the Isometric Instruments products and accessories you need anytime, anywhere—the perfect complement to our ALPHAGAZ™ stable isotope gases.

For details about products from Isometric Instruments and our ALPHAGAZ™ stable isotope gases, complete the form below.

Discover ALPHAGAZ™ Stable Isotope Gases

In isotopic applications, high analytical accuracy is critical. That’s why Airgas, an Air Liquide company, now offers ALPHAGAZ Stable Isotope Gases—featuring simple choices, reliable service and quality you can depend on.

    Choose ALPHAGAZ for:
  • Increased analyzer calibration efficiency
  • Isotopic composition adjusted for each of your products
  • High analytical accuracy of isotopic ratio, required composition and
    targeted isotope signature

Whether you leverage our ready-to-ship gases or our custom-designed products for unique requirements, every stable isotopically-calibrated gas you source from Airgas comes with reliable lead times, dedicated expertise and full traceability.

How can you use ALPHAGAZ™ Stable Isotopes?


Environmental Monitoring


Medical Diagnostics


Food Authentication


Petroleum Geochemistry

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