Laboratory Gas Generators

Through a partnership with Parker Balston, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of gas generators to meet your needs. Airgas, an Air Liquide company, supports all of your analytical applications with hydrogen, zero air and nitrogen generators, as well as specific units for LC/MS and other application-specific generators.

  • Our hydrogen generators, available in both carrier- and fuel-grade purities, eliminate the need for hazardous hydrogen storage
  • Our gas generators produce research-grade gases using membrane, PSA and/or catalyst technologies
  • Our nitrogen generators are designed to continually transform standard compressed air into commercially sterile nitrogen at safe, regulated pressures without operator attention
  • Our economical zero-air generators are ideal for high-volume users performing FID applications

Our full generator portfolio includes:

  • Hydrogen (for both carrier and fuel)
  • Zero air
  • Nitrogen
  • FID gas stations
  • FT-IR purge gas
  • TOC
  • ICP spectrometer nitrogen

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