Portable Calibration Gases

Regular calibration of your monitors is a constant necessity, so make it easier with a simplified solution designed to meet your needs.

Airgas, an Air Liquide company, produces portable calibration gas cylinders, available in a full line of the gases you need. Lightweight and easy to carry (even into small, hard-to-reach areas), each cylinder is conveniently sized for single use and comes with its own compact case.

Additional features include:

  • Balanced weight distribution for self-standing or wall mounting
  • Velcro® straps for holding accessories, regulators or tubing
  • Replaceable carrying case latches
  • Smart design that allows top half to open while keeping cylinders in place

Airgas offers a complete line of high-accuracy, high-precision gases in single-use portable calibration gas cylinders:

  • Ammonia, balance nitrogens
  • Carbon monoxide, balance air or nitrogen
  • Hydrogen chloride, balance nitrogen
  • Hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, LEL%, balance air
  • LEL% methane, balance air
  • LEL% propane, balance air
  • Nitric oxide, balance nitrogen
  • Sulfur dioxide, balance air or nitrogen
  • Zero nitrogen
  • Carbon dioxide, balance air or nitrogen
  • Chlorine, balance nitrogen
  • Hydrogen sulfide, balance nitrogen
  • Isobutlyene, balance air
  • LEL% pentane, balance air
  • Nitrogen dioxide, balance air or nitrogen
  • Oxygen, balance nitrogen
  • Zero air