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Chicago I Sept. 11–14 | McCormick Place, North Hall, Exhibit #B20020

A robotic laser cutter, cutting metal A robotic laser cutter, cutting metal A robotic laser cutter, cutting metal
Come to the Airgas exhibit for exciting demos and to find solutions for your toughest challenges.

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Our Advanced Fabrication experts are ready with smart, sustainable products, services, and solutions. Talk to our experts and sit-in on an Advanced Fab Talk. See what sustainable innovation looks like and learn how it can help you save money and increase productivity. Are you ready to fill your potential?

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Advanced Fab Talks

Got a minute? Join us for a quick talk about challenges in advanced fabrication

What You Need to Know About Implementing Automation Monday, September 11 11:30 am
Benchmarking Your Fabrication Costs Monday, September 11 1:30 pm
Implications of Shielding Gas Quality Monday, September 11 2:30 pm
3D Printing: How gases impact your final build Tuesday, September 12 10:30 am
Cobotic Welding versus Traditional Automation Tuesday, September 12 11:30 am
Preheating Solutions for Rotating Parts Tuesday, September 12 1:30 pm
Sizing Your Laser Gas System Tuesday, September 12 2:30 pm
Digital Tools for Continuous Improvement Monitoring Wednesday, September 13 10:30 am
Hidden Dangers of Welding Safety in Confined Spaces Wednesday, September 13 11:30 am
How Cylinder Valve Technology Helps You Improve Wednesday, September 13 1:30 pm
Bridging the Labor Gap with a Program Designed for Student Welders Thursday, September 14 9:30 am

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