Packaged Gas Supply

Get the gases you need in the supply modes you want from Airgas

As part of the largest industrial gas company in the world, Airgas, an Air Liquide company, offers a full range of packaged industrial, medical and specialty gases—available in a variety of delivery modes—to meet virtually any need.

Millions of cylinders, thousands of bulk tanks and more than 1,100 locations comprise an infrastructure that serves you wherever you are, whenever you need us most. From hundreds of branches and cylinder-fill plants to countless specialty gas labs and liquid CO2/dry ice plants to 16 air-separation units and more than 5,000 trucks, it all adds up to a comprehensive gas-supply solution that will boost your productivity, increase your efficiency and streamline your supply chain.


Supply services

Known locally nationwide, we provide attentive, personal service no matter where you’re located. We work closely with you to understand your processes and recommend the best gas and delivery mode to meet your needs. Leverage our industry expertise and data insights to help you refine your processes, upgrade your equipment and keep your consumption under control.


Supply categories

  • Industrial Gases: For industrial gas products as diverse as the industries we serve, select from a full range of industrial gases (including welding, shielding and cutting gases).
  • Medical Gases: Our more than 350 FDA-registered medical gas facilities support a broad spectrum of healthcare needs and organizations.
  • Food, Beverage & Retail Gases: Access food- and beverage-grade gas products as well as helium for promotional purposes.
  • Specialty Gases: We offer everything from pure hydrocarbons and EPA protocols to NIST-traceable calibration standards, laser gases and vehicle emission standards. Nothing’s ever too rare or too particular.

Our comprehensive suite of delivery modes include:

  • Cylinders (≈300 standard cubic feet [SCF])
  • Liquid Cylinders/Dewars  (≈5,000 SCF)
  • MicroBulk (≈50,000 SCF)
  • Bulk, Tube Trailers (Merchant: ≈600,000 SCF)
  • Pipeline, Onsite Air-Separation Units (Tonnage: ≈5M+ SCF/per day)