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Improve patient safety with portable oxygen cylinders with integrated valves

As a caregiver, you are charged with safely providing your patients with reliable medical oxygen and air when administering respiratory care. Our portable oxygen cylinders with integrated cylinder valves and innovative, easy-to-use features are designed specifically to help.

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  1. Increase patient safety
  2. Save time and simplify caregiving
  3. Avoid run-out of mobile medical-grade oxygen and air

Focus on patient care

Mobile medical gas cylinders equipped with integrated cylinder valves

Using portable oxygen cylinders with innovative and integrated cylinder valves makes transport easy while accurately monitoring gas content — increasing patient mobility while improving safety. Your patient can use as much oxygen as possible, with little waste and before running out, with easy-to-use monitoring features that save you time — so you can focus more on patient care.

INTELLI-OX+™ and WOB+™ are mobile medical cylinders with innovative valve technology and are specifically designed to improve patient care and safety in the following practices:

Linda Wissink, an Airgas expert

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We understand the importance of the quality of patient outcomes and assisting our customers in achieving them. ... 

Linda Wissink, Vice President of Healthcare, North Central Region

“We understand the importance of the quality of patient outcomes and assisting our customers in achieving them. Our WOB+ and INTELLI-OX+ oxygen products have significant technology to aid healthcare clients. If you haven't explored them recently, it is worth reaching out to us.”

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