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You know your welding operation is costing you more than it should.

You know rework has increased. And you know, despite the best efforts of everyone involved, your welding operation has a skills gap.

But here are some things you may not know.

  • Most welders strike an arc only nine minutes out of every hour. 

What’s your actual “arc on” time and what’s keeping your welders from welding?

  • Many company systems waste nearly half of their shielding gas and consumables.

What causes this kind of waste and how does this affect the quality of your final product?

When it comes to your welding operation, you realize there is always room for improvement, but what if you could quantify those improvements? What if an experienced workforce partner could identify and analyze your key welding metrics and then help you turn those metrics into increased welding performance and profitability?

What would that mean to your operation?

Join a more efficient class of welders

We discovered long ago that improving welding quality is dependent on parameters based on science.

Through our Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding seminars and advanced classes, you and your welding workforce can discover the impact quality standards have on productivity and profits. 

  • Learn how labor impacts welding costs
  • See the effects of gas and other weld parameters on penetration
  • Uncover ways to trim 20 percent or more from your operating budget (without capital investments)
  • Develop the skills to better manage your welding process

Get the most of your welding operation by leveraging our decades of welding experience. We’re here to support your welders and help you identify what’s needed to better manage your welding operation. 

Advance your next generation of welding leaders

Here’s another interesting welding fact:

  • The average age of welders in the United States is 54.

As your highly skilled leaders grow closer to retiring, who’s ready to step up?

As hard as it is to find skilled welders, it’s harder still to find experienced managers to effectively lead them. Building and sustaining a welding workforce takes more than passing down a couple of techniques from one generation to the next.

You can still achieve short-term productivity and secure your company’s future. Team with an experienced workforce partner that can provide data-driven insight along with a staff of certified welding specialists ready to help.


Promote from within

Get an unparalleled look into your operation and workforce with the Airgas Welding Efficiency Analysis, including:

  • Measure current processes
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Track progress and compare results

Our database of more than 1800 welding studies lets you see how your processes compare to others. Subsequent welding workshops (Unlocking the Hidden Costs of Welding) and “train the trainer” programs support an environment of continual improvement.

Transform your workforce today and for years to come through enhanced output, visible craftsmanship and employee retention.


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Get the welding equipment, welding positioning equipment, portable power and lighting systems, plus expertise you need—when and where you need them.

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Weld Efficiency Analysis

Whether your operations are manual or automated, maximize efficiency with the Airgas Welding Efficiency Analysis.

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Get visibility, control and savings

Are you ready? Improve your procurement process, gain visibility and control of inventory, increase safety and productivity, and lower your overall costs.

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