Welder, welding the inside of a giant pipe Welder, welding the inside of a giant pipe Welder, welding the inside of a giant pipe
Get the essential welding application expertise you need to improve your metal fabrication shop’s welding process and quality.

Achieve optimized welding results

Produce top quality welds with gases, equipment, consumables and expertise from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

Develop quality welding processes and procedures

There’s so much that depends on the quality of the welds you’re producing. Your process must be as efficient as possible so you get the most out of your days and ensure your customer receives the end result they expect. To keep up with production demands, your process must also be efficient, repeatable and adaptable to meet fluctuating market conditions. With change as a constant, always competing at your very best is critical to the survival of your business. You need a supplier who’s ready to help you find solutions and savings for any welding application in your shop.

What are your challenges?

ARCAL™ Shielding Gases

Unlock expertise and solutions that help you compete in the metal fabrication industry

Backed by the knowledge of more than 90 Advanced Fabrication experts, Airgas provides the gases, welding equipment, consumables and process expertise you need for any welding application. We are dedicated to helping welding operations grow their business by helping them find and implement cost-saving programs. In fact, we’ve studied more than 2,500 welding shops and developed an entire program built around helping our customers be more competitive via sustainable cost reductions. The Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding™ program does just that starting with a thorough Welding Efficiency Analysis™ (WEA) to help you analyze and benchmark your current performance as compared to your peers. Get a preview of what a Welding Efficiency Analysis can reveal to you about how your business stacks up against the industry averages — try our Weld Cost Per Foot Calculator. Additionally, our 10 Advanced Fabrication application centers located across the country allow us to provide demo, testing and training opportunities to further support your efforts to continuously improve.

ARCAL™ Shielding Gases

There’s a lot of opportunity to be more efficient in your welding operation. Can you guess how much waste occurs in an average manufacturing facility?

What percentage of shielding gas purchased is typically wasted?

What is the average arc on time in a welding shop?

What percentage of filler metal purchased is usually wasted due to over welding?

Matt Williams, an Airgas expert

Hear from one of our Advanced Fabrication experts

We don't just see ourselves as a gas supplier. We want to help you identify waste, improve KPIs and reduce rework …

Matt Williams, Vice President — National Advanced Fabrication Team

“We don't just see ourselves as a gas supplier. We want to help you identify waste, improve KPIs and reduce rework so your business remains as competitive as possible in your respective marketplace. When you win, we win!”

Get everything you need for a successful welding operation

ARCAL premium shielding gases for welding in a variety of innovative supply modes

Welding process expertise from our team of Advanced Fabrication experts to address your welding challenges

Welding equipment from all the leading manufacturers and welder repair services plus 10 Advanced Fabrication centers across the U.S. offering training, testing, demo and application development for specific customer applications

Hardgoods and consumables for welding from various manufacturers, including RADNOR™

Solutions, products and expertise that help improve safety for metal fabrication

Supply chain solutions for visibility, control and savings

Resources to keep you ahead

Welder welding with Arcal, EXELTOP, ARCAL Cylinders in the background.

Compete in the Metal Fabrication Industry

Learn more about the tools we offer to help you compete, including systematic savings programs and the expertise of our Advanced Fabrication experts.

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Welder standing inside of a large corrugated metal pipe performing a weld on the interior of the pipe underneath.

ARCAL Shielding Gases for Welding

Produce a better quality weld with our premium shielding gases for welding. With five ready-to-weld argon and argon/CO2 mixes plus a Technical line for custom applications, ARCAL covers any welding application.

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Weld quality review session in an Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding class

Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding

Listen to our customers describe their experience in the Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding class and the impact it’s had on the way they see their business.

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A close up of a spool of welding wire

MIG Busters: Are You Using the Wrong Size MIG Wire?

Find out why our expert believes bigger is almost always better when it comes to MIG wire diameter and recommends you consider a thicker wire.

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A welder in RADNOR PPE, TIG welding

RADNOR Showcase

Discover everything you need to know about RADNOR hardgoods, consumables and safety products — all in one convenient location.

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A MIG welder, welding

Miller® Welding Smart Shop

Access all things blue in the Miller Welding Smart Shop. With valuable tools and helpful resources, your purchasing decisions get a little easier.

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Man uses ESAB welding machine to perform maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) application on a tractor plough in a farm field.

ESAB® Showcase

Get more information about our ESAB portfolio. Take advantage of current promotions and shop products from all of the ESAB brands.

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Weld quality review session in an Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding class

3M™ Safety and Abrasives

Solve some of your toughest challenges with innovative solutions from 3M for metal fabrication and safety.

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