Protocols 101: Picking Your Gases

How to pick your EPA protocol gas—simply and successfully

Bargain hunters beware. Not all EPA protocol gases are created equal, and basing your EPA protocol gas purchase solely on price may cost you in the end. Here are some things to consider when choosing a protocol gas:


How important is it to you that your gases are on spec? Accuracy is mandatory when you are measuring emissions and out-of-spec gases can cost you both time and money.


Change is in the air, quite literally. Today’s industry cannot rely on old production methods and stay competitive, or in the case of regulations, even expect to remain within the law. When you pick your EPA protocol gas, choose a supplier with a history and reputation for producing consistent and high-quality products.

Production speed

Things worth having take time, including EPA protocol gases. Never wait until your supply of EPA protocols is exhausted or almost depleted before ordering more. Avoid a runout emergency by choosing a supplier who routinely blends and ships within the EPA assay requirements and who can also stock EPA protocol gases for you.

  • Since Airgas produces over 75,000 EPA protocol gas mixtures a year, we can most likely find the product you need by tapping into our strategically placed PGVP-participating specialty gas laboratories—part of our broader network of more than 70 specialty gas facilities nationwide. It’s the fastest delivery network for EPA protocol gases in the industry. No room to store more protocol cylinders on your site? Airgas can also stock EPA protocol gases for you at your local branch.

    Have a question? Ask an Airgas specialist.

Expert protocol speak

Choose a supplier who speaks your language. When you have a question or a problem, or need something out of the ordinary, it’s only those people who truly understand EPA protocol gases that can help you. When you need an EPA protocol gas, choose a supplier with a history and reputation for producing high-quality products. In addition, look for how the company demonstrates a sustained commitment to innovation and world leadership in the supply of calibration gases for all industries.

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