Supply Chain

As an energy supplier, your access to supply is mission critical.

Overstocking your supply chain to make sure you always stay up and running may seem like a good strategy, however it greatly diminishes your chances of turning your supply chain into a strategic catalyst for innovation.

That’s because optimizing your supply chain goes well beyond simply assuring easy access to a wide variety of products. It means applying money-saving solutions backed by analytics and a multidimensional approach that continues past delivery. By layering on fully integrated inventory management and application expertise, your business can benefit as employees are freed to focus on other areas while a culture of greater efficiency delivers improved results. 


Charge ahead with progressive solutions steeped in innovation

At Airgas, we don’t stop at a uniquely diverse and vast product offering backed by a national imprint of more than 1,100 locations and approximately 17,000 employees. From helping you augment daily operating capacity to limiting turnaround on repairs, we complement supplying all your gas, welding and safety product needs with application and management services and expertise to help you keep things running smoothly.

We remove hassle and worry with coordinated, proactive solutions such as Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services. With Airgas, you can avoid a pileup of procurement paperwork, and our deep industry knowledge and safety expertise help you avoid gas-related hazards. Bottlenecks and inefficiencies are removed as we deliver superior products perfectly matched to your needs.


Many tools for single-source efficiency:

  • Airgas OUTLOOK® Managed Services whips your supply chain into shape via a smart, total approach that includes site survey and assessment, transition management, and entry-level or on-site total gas and supplies management
  • Airgas Inventory Management (AIM™): An extensive online inventory management system that includes cylinder tracking and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solutions helps you avoid excessive usage and save time while adding ease to your process via shelf-life tracking and email notification. 
  • Airgas eBusiness Services: Whether you have eProcurement software or an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, we give you greater flexibility managing your supply chain. Our end-to-end eProcurement solution maximizes workflow efficiency.
  • Varied delivery modes: Our diverse delivery system ranges from gas and liquid cylinders, to on-site MicroBulk, tube trailer, or bulk tank storage. We can even provide very high-volume gas users with pipeline supply from co-located gas production plants(ASUs).

Turning your supply chain into a strategic innovator offers immense benefits. With the support of an intelligent approach that we’re always improving upon, you’re free to innovate without interruption or restriction. You’ll be able to get more out of your existing infrastructure while greater process efficiencies will positively affect your two most important assets—your staff and your customers. And while eliminating redundancies strengthens workforce engagement, so too does a safety culture supported by the right products and the right product training.

With Airgas handling all your gases, welding and safety needs, we provide much more than industry-leading products. We provide application expertise that matches tailored training with the right product. Whether it’s proactive services or analytics that never stop finding ways to improve processes, Airgas can help you to transform your supply chain into a catalyst for company-wide change. 

Supply Chain

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Multichannel Services

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