Asset Tracking

As part of Airgas OUTLOOK®, Airgas Inventory Management (AIM™) is an advanced asset utilization system that captures important asset tracking data quickly and accurately.

AIM provides you with complete control of your cylinder and bulk gas inventory, welding hardgoods, safety supplies and rental equipment, and MRO supplies.

  • Stay up-to-date with routine online reports
  • Realize significant time and cost savings with timely and accurate information about your entire Airgas product inventory
  • Streamline government reporting and compliance with accurate reports on storage of your gases and gas-related products
  • Optimize cost-control by maintaining inventory at just-right levels to keep projects moving smoothly—on time and on budget

Reduce losses and boost efficiencies

Wasted time. Lost inventory. Time-consuming paperwork. They’re history with AIM.

Gas, as well as welding and safety equipment, may not be an enormous part of your projects, but good management of these items is necessary to keep your costs in line and your project moving forward. Using OUTLOOK® with AIM, you can realize up to:

  • 30% reduction in inventory
  • 95% reduction in gas-related incidents
  • 90% reduction in paperwork

Track data accurately—onsite

AIM bar code technology allows OUTLOOK technicians at your location(s) to track data quickly and accurately. Handheld scanning devices capture data and electronically transfer information to Airgas inventory management systems, helping you:

  • Reduce errors by eliminating the manual entry of part numbers, descriptions, quantities and shipping tickets
  • Stay in compliance with government regulations, with electronic records that include up-to-date shipping and delivery information required by DOT
  • Streamline your supply chain with increased inventory accuracy, easy reconciliation of balances and vendor invoice verification
  • Track consumption data with links to end-user records for billing

Improve customer service

Here’s another way OUTLOOK with AIM makes your job easier and more productive:

Airgas proactively monitors your product demand real time and based on historical usage, and keeps you supplied seamlessly and effortlessly. Save time and resources, and never be without the supplies you need to get the job done.