Vending Solutions

Let's face it: Inventory can be a hassle. And keeping your costs in line for all of your products is an added pressure you don't need. Airgas can help.

With OUTLOOK® Vending Solutions from Airgas you get secure 24/7 access to the welding, safety and MRO supplies you use every day with automated cost and utilization tracking. The result is appropriate, efficient use of products with lower total time and cost for procurement and inventory management. And that all adds up to:

  • Greater convenience
  • Significant cost savings
  • 20-30 percent reduction in material usage

OUTLOOK Vending Solutions captures data electronically and translates that data into business knowledge that puts you in control of your inventory, your spend and your time in managing both.

Scalable, customizable supply-chain management

OUTLOOK Vending is scalable and customizable to meet your specific needs, including tracking welding hardgoods, safety items, MRO supplies, tools and other items as part of an overall OUTLOOK Supply-Chain Management Program.

  • Take advantage of secure inventory access and tracking, 24/7
  • Minimize waste, eliminate outages and save time with vendor managed inventory (VMI) that provides automated procurement and accounting
  • Streamline business processes with customized, on-demand reports

At Airgas, we understand that each business—and inventory—is unique. Let Airgas experts customize an inventory management program that keeps your individual business requirements in mind.