An Airgas Total Managed Services technician studies a form while working on a customer site. An Airgas Total Managed Services technician studies a form while working on a customer site. An Airgas Total Managed Services technician studies a form while working on a customer site.
Since your operation faces unique challenges, Airgas offers Total Managed Services, customized on-site supply chain solutions to help you manage gases and hardgoods while improving quality and safety.

Supply Chain Solutions: Total Managed Services

Get visibility, control and savings with on-site management for gas and other products from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

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Sometimes your on-site gas and inventory management requires more

Efficiencies can certainly be lost in the time-consuming management of gases, and related products and services needed to keep your production on schedule. When your team is focused on maintaining processes and meeting deadlines, there is little time to efficiently and safely implement on-site gas management, as well as manage associated equipment that are vital to your process.

  1. Minimize risk for your team while meeting compliance requirements for on-site gas management
  2. Increase productivity and give your team more time to focus on core activities
  3. Manage your budget efficiently and lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Cost control and continuous improvement across your entire organization

Improve your daily operations now with on-site gas and product management solutions tailored to your specific needs

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Supply chain solutions from Airgas are based on a variety of service levels designed to help you gain visibility into your supply chain, get control of your gas and hardgoods inventory, and save both time and money with the efficiencies you chose to implement. Total Managed Services is a customized solutions package that is built for you, with all of the tools you need from our supply chain solutions service levels.

Total Managed Services also includes a dedicated and highly-skilled Airgas technician to implement supply chain efficiencies and manage your gases and hardgoods—right on your site.

  • Manage your daily tasks including gas, safety supplies and hardgoods orders
  • Manage your gas, safety and hardgoods usage including point-of-use stocking, storage, product content, and changeout services with enhanced technologies like EZ‑TRAC™, EZ‑VEND® and EZ‑GAZ™
  • Maintain documentation to ensure traceability and compliance
  • Connect gases to the point of use and related equipment installations with on-site gas management
  • Perform onsite product transfers, including liquid nitrogen transfills

Focus on your core business—let Airgas manage your supply chain and provide on-site gas and inventory management

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Photo of Jim Boutilier, Director—Supply Chain Solutions, Airgas Team, Airgas

Hear from one of our supply chain experts

Total Managed Services allows you to focus on your core competencies while we manage all aspects of your gas, safety products and hardgoods supply chain needs.

Jim Boutilier, Director, Supply Chain Solutions, Airgas

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