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Improve patient care with emergency oxygen for first responders

Running out of medical oxygen during patient care isn’t an option for you. As a first responder, the community you serve depends on you to have the right tools to administer emergency healthcare services. With the additional tasks of managing emergency oxygen, medical nitrous oxide, and other gases and supplies you need while also maintaining your budget, you need a supplier that simplifies the process — so you can focus on emergency patient care.

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  1. Ensure medical oxygen, medical nitrous oxide and other products are available to avoid run-outs — critical to administering emergency care
  2. Access customer service to quickly and efficiently resolve problems
  3. Save time with access to digital tools that help improve billing and account and inventory management
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Improve patient safety with INTELLI‑OX+™ and WOB+™ mobile medical cylinders
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Focus on patient care

Emergency oxygen and other medical gases from Airgas Healthcare

Airgas Healthcare’s mission is to support our healthcare customers in their mission to improve lives. We offer a one-stop shop for medical gases, including emergency oxygen and medical nitrous oxide, equipment and services, for EMS teams throughout the U.S. Innovative cylinder valve technology such as WOB+™ is designed exclusively for safer, more mobile medical oxygen applications and is FDA 510k cleared as MR Conditional. Accessory products help you safely manage your medical gas supply and maintain your schedule. Our large national footprint with local support helps ensure you have the gases and products you need, when you need them.

In addition to a full product portfolio, Airgas Healthcare offers easy and quick access to customer service, whether it’s via your local healthcare specialist or Airgas Total Access® representative, at your local branch, or by logging onto your Airgas.com account.

Airgas Healthcare also provides a comprehensive digital tool set via Airgas.com that helps you manage bill pay and invoicing, as well as your inventory. Here you can order medical oxygen and other medical gases and supplies and accurately forecast your usage to help prevent runouts.

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Improve patient safety with
INTELLI‑OX+™ and WOB+™ mobile
medical cylinders
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Roger Brown, an Airgas expert

Hear from a Healthcare Industry Expert

Our EMS customers have to respond quickly to meet their patients' urgent needs. We make accessing medical gas simple and reliable.

Roger Brown, Medical Specialist, Northeast Region

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