Improve patient care with medical oxygen for hospitals and medical centers

Hospitals and medical centers are constantly faced with daily challenges that take time away from patient care. Working with multiple suppliers, strict scheduling, ensuring safety and minimizing risks are just a small part of it. Having medical oxygen and other medical gases available when you need them allows you to focus on what’s most important: caring for your patients.

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  1. Ensure medical oxygen, medical gases and related supplies are available across all facilities and on time – critical to meeting schedules
  2. Get the right products to comply with hospital policy and other regulations
  3. Standardize pricing models across hospital systems or GPO/IDN members to ensure cost efficiencies
  4. Save time managing multiple suppliers, reconciling bills, account and inventory management, and monitoring gas use

Focus on patient care

Medical oxygen and other gases for hospitals and medical centers from Airgas

Improve patient safety: Our innovative mobile medical
cylinders INTELLI‑OX+™ and WOB+™ can help now.

Airgas Healthcare’s mission is to support our healthcare customers in their mission to improve lives. Our comprehensive product offering consists of a wide range of medical gases, including medical oxygen for hospitals, and medical nitrous oxide in a variety of supply modes that meet regulatory requirements. Innovative cylinder valve technology—including INTELLI-OX+™ and WOB+™ — is designed exclusively for mobile medical oxygen applications. With patient safety in mind, these devices are FDA 510k cleared as MR Conditional.

In addition, gas handling equipment, safety and PPE are available to help you streamline your suppliers, save time and safely improve efficiencies across your facilities. As your single source supplier with a large national footprint, you can improve visibility into your medical oxygen, other medical gas, and supplies inventory with digital tools designed to help you better manage what you order and how to forecast.

We understand meeting regulations and eliminating safety risks are a priority for you and your team. With Airgas Healthcare, you get peace of mind knowing your medical oxygen and other medical gases comply with regulations. Our Total Gas Management (TGM) service puts a TGM specialist right in your facility to manage your gas supply, connection to the point of use, and cylinder logistics to further ensure safety compliance.

Picture of WOB+ and Intelliox+ Cylinders
Improve patient safety: Our innovative mobile medical
cylinders INTELLI‑OX+™ and WOB+™ can help now.
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Hear from a healthcare industry expert

Medical gas supply is critical for hospitals and medical centers to administer optimal patient care as well as maintain schedules. You can rely on Airgas to provide the gases and supplies you need.

Howard Hellman, Airgas Healthcare Medical Specialist, East Region

Throughout the hospital care path, our medical gases are here to help you improve patient care

This includes medical oxygen, medical nitrous oxide, equipment for safe delivery and more.

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Medical gases, including medical oxygen and medical nitrous oxide, in a variety of supply modes

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Safety products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep you and your patients safe

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Gas handling accessories to safely deliver your medical-grade gases

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Supply chain solutions for more visibility, control and savings

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A network of specialists with expertise in gas delivery systems, respiratory therapy, and environmental, health and safety (EHS)