Close up of oxy-fuel cutting torch cutting thick metal. Close up of oxy-fuel cutting torch cutting thick metal. Close up of oxy-fuel cutting torch cutting thick metal.
Our oxy-fuel cutting experts help you select high quality cutting gases along with the specialty gas equipment, consumables and services you need.

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Gases, equipment, consumables and expertise from Airgas, an Air Liquide company

Maintain quality in oxy-fuel cutting

Although oxy-fuel cutting is one of the oldest cutting processes, it can also be one of the most challenging. It’s a very complex process requiring a skilled operator with a clear understanding of fuel gases, safety procedures and equipment operation. Still, it’s necessary when you need to cut through thicker materials that processes like laser and plasma cutting can’t handle. Your supplier must be able to help you choose and maintain your cutting equipment while also offering the process expertise your operators need to ensure they yield a quality end product.

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Mechanized Cutting Services

Unlock expertise and solutions that help you compete in oxy‑fuel cutting

The Airgas Advanced Fabrication experts are ready to support you with any oxy-fuel cutting challenge you have. Our team will evaluate your process and help you select the correct application, gases, equipment and consumables. We also provide service and maintenance to ensure your systems are running efficiently so you achieve the reliable cuts you’re after.

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Intricate shapes being cut from sheet metal using a mechanized process
Mechanized Cutting Services
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Understanding the fundamentals of oxy-fuel processes is critical to profitability.

Mitchell Haddock, Weld Specialist Project Leader

“Understanding the fundamentals of oxy-fuel processes is critical to profitability. Our experts can guide you in several areas, including safety, fuel gas performance and consumables selection to optimize your process.”

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A full line of fuel gases in a variety of supply modes for oxy-fuel cutting, including propylene, acetylene, natural gas, propane and several others

Process expertise and cutting services from our team of Advanced Fabrication experts to address any oxy-fuel cutting challenge

Oxy-fuel cutting equipment from all of the leading manufacturers

Consumables, cutting torches and equipment from various manufacturers, including RADNOR®

Solutions, products and expertise that help improve safety for metal fabrication

Supply chain solutions for visibility, control and savings

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