Smart Buying


What a time to be in the home healthcare industry.

On one hand, challenging economic realities and regulatory changes reshape the landscape while population trends suggest a massive emerging opportunity. Your goal now—aside from providing quality care—is to weather current conditions and be ready to take advantage of the potential for unprecedented market growth.   

With so little room for error and so much to gain, smart buying partners
know how to help you overcome today’s obstacles and propel your business forward tomorrow.


Thrive instead of just survive

We know that an uninterrupted supply of medical gases is literally a lifeline for your business.

As a national leader in medical gases, we leverage our proven knowledge in delivery, compliance and inventory management to help you make your business more efficient and more profitable. It starts with an in-depth understanding of how you use oxygen, how you manage it and how we can apply our supply-chain efficiencies to your specific applications.

By consistently delivering quality products and service expertise, we free you up to focus on your patients and your business instead of dealing with supply-chain interruptions.

Plus, our innovative multichannel service model gives you many ways to find it with us, including:

  • 350 FDA-registered medical gas fill plants
  • Expert account managers
  • Industry specialists
  • Dedicated telesales teams
  • Robust eProcurement platform

Lower costs, raise quality

We understand your business and regulatory pressures, including the need to purchase high-quality products within strict cost-control guidelines. That’s why our unmatched national network provides you with an added advantage over smaller or independent providers: substantial economies of scale to serve your business.

With a national network dedicated to serving you, we provide:

  • Oxygen, USP
  • Liquid oxygen and oxygen equipment home delivery
  • Tracking and maintenance of “customer owned” cylinders
  • Medical gas regulators and equipment
  • Safety products
  • Ultrasonic medical cylinder testing (10-year service)
  • Equipment rental program
  • Guidance complying with FDA and GMP regulations

Make every second count with Airgas Walk-O2-Bout®

No other self-contained oxygen delivery system for home-care patients is easier to handle than the Walk-O2-Bout®, our exclusive respiratory-care solution your home-care patients can carry with them. A streamlined design, which incorporates a lightweight cylinder with a built-in regulator, a 50 psi DISS outlet and wide permanent handles, makes the Walk-O2-Bout easy to lift and carry anywhere.


Reduce compliance and shutdown risks

As if things weren’t challenging enough with decreasing healthcare reimbursements, you also have to worry about making sure your business complies with evolving local, state and federal regulations. This extends to your vendor partnerships.

Now with these kinds of stakes, can you afford to rely on a medical-gas supplier whose total capacity is comprised of a single fill plant that can be shut down at a moment’s notice?


Cover yourself

When it comes to medical gases, we conform to rigorous FDA standards for purity and consistency. Even though we are national leaders in medical gases, we still know the importance of being local. That’s why we strategically placed our 350 FDA-registered medical gas fill plants across the country. That way, we can source your medical gases from multiple locations without compromising your patients, your business or your reputation.

Plus, we provide on-going training for all of our personnel, including our drivers.


Increase patient safety & optimize time

Accurately track medical oxygen usage and clearly identify the time remaining before run out.

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Iron out the logistics

Get expert guidance with Total Gas Management, a third-party partnership that provides you with a dedicated onsite TGM Specialist.

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Always ready when you are—wherever you are

Simplify supply with our safe, reliable and easy-to-use solution for first responders and healthcare practitioners.

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