Regulatory Compliance


No matter how self-sufficient you’ve made your organization, you can’t do it alone.

Delegating makes sense only when you can be sure you can rely on your partners. When it comes to your medical gases and medical gas systems, you need expert compliance partners that know what it takes to support your safety standards as well as local, state and federal regulations.


Confirm your compliance

At Airgas Healthcare, we understand the regulatory environment in which you operate, and support your efforts with a proactive approach to improve indoor air quality and protect the health of your patients and your employees.

Beyond rigorous. That’s the best way to describe our approach to making sure our medical gases conform to FDA standards for purity and consistency. Moreover, you can always be certain we can service your medical gas needs with 350 FDA-registered medical gas fill plants strategically located nationwide. Your commitment to safety or compliance is never compromised.

Plus, our representatives receive the training and resources needed to recommend safe, efficient operations.


Increase patient safety & optimize time

Accurately track medical oxygen usage and clearly identify the time remaining before run out.

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Iron out the logistics

Get expert guidance with Total Gas Management, a third-party partnership that provides you with a dedicated onsite TGM Specialist.

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Always ready when you are—wherever you are

Simplify supply with our safe, reliable and easy-to-use solution for first responders and healthcare practitioners.

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