Smart Buying

You want more time to focus on your patients as well as continuing professional development.

However, in getting more administrative flexibility, you give up visibility into and control over your supply chain. Consistency in both supply and delivery directly impacts the well-being of your patients and your practice—especially when it comes to medical gases.

Can you afford to assume all medical gas suppliers are equal?

  • Can they all help you successfully navigate audits and regulation?
  • Can they all support your strategy implementation and benefit realization?
  • Can they all help you control costs in an era of volume to value?
  • Can they all offer system-wide, regional or national distribution resources?

Your buying decisions must support positive outcomes, workforce development and regulatory compliance. In making your decision it’s critical you choose a supplier that can support your innovation strategies and data requirements. Effective medical gas suppliers know how to deliver value beyond price.


Prove you were right

In an era of “volume-to-value” healthcare, our multichannel service model will change your medical gas supply processes for the better: better buying, better inventory control, better monitoring, better savings.

Going beyond the traditional supplier role, we have national distribution capabilities, supply-chain expertise, usage-auditing capabilities and complete gas system monitoring. Plus, we offer an innovative multichannel service model that gives you many ways to find it with us, including:

  • More than 1,100 locations nationwide
  • Expert account managers
  • Industry specialists
  • Dedicated telesales team
  • Robust eProcurement platform

Get what you need, when and where you need it

We offer the widest selection of medical and specialty gases—available in a variety of delivery modes—supported by North America’s largest integrated network of locations and delivery fleet.

Whether you have one location or multiple facilities, leverage our rich history of supplying medical gases to hospitals, clinics, physician and dental practices, long-term care facilities, homecare operations and EMS operations.

As you look to control costs in other areas such as personnel, equipment or marketing, our leadership in inventory management, equipment operation, regulatory assistance and attentive customer service assures that you have made the right choice in a medical gas supplier.

  • Medical gases:
    • Oxygen, USP
    • Nitrogen, NF
    • Nitrous oxide, USP
    • Carbon dioxide, USP
    • Medical air, USP
    • Helium, USP
  • Medical gas mixtures:
    • Clinical blood gases
    • Pulmonary and lung diffusion
    • Stress calibration standards
    • Medical laser gases
    • Biological incubation atmospheres
    • Gas chromatography mixtures and standards
    • Tonometry standards
    • Transcutaneous monitor standards
    • Drug/device mixtures
    • Sterilant gases
  • Medical gas equipment and supplies:
    • Cylinders
    • Walk-O2-Bout® portable cylinders
    • Pneumatic transport ventilators
    • Transport CPAPs
    • Liquid oxygen equipment
    • Sodalime
    • Dry ice
    • Medical regulators
    • Racks, stands and carts
    • Oxygen conserving regulators
    • Safety supplies



We have a dedicated Education Center that offers comprehensive training in a mock hospital for teaching all phases of installing safe, code-compliant gas delivery systems.

Our indoor air quality approach is proactive. We offer programs that address Joint Commission (JCAHO), OSHA, NIOSH, ACGIH, ASHRAE and other relevant standards.


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Packaged Gas Supply

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Supply Chain

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