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Managing medical oxygen and other medical gases used in your facility is not an easy task. Airgas Healthcare is here to help with quick access to more informational medical gas resources you need to improve patient care.

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INTELLI-OX+™ mobile medical oxygen

Knowing how to manage medical oxygen is essential. Discover how the ergonomic design of INTELLI-OX+ can help you optimize time, increase patient safety, improve efficiency and get more medical oxygen from your cylinder.

Discover how INTELLI-OX+ can help you optimize time, increase patient safety and improve efficiency.

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Medical gases, including medical oxygen and medical nitrous oxide, in a variety of supply modes

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Safety products and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to keep you and your patients safe

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Gas handling accessories to safely deliver your medical-grade gases

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Supply chain solutions for more visibility, control and savings

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A network of specialists with expertise in gas delivery systems, respiratory therapy, and environmental, health and safety (EHS)